Thursday, 5 February 2009

The Proposition

I decided, in lieu of one big New Year's Resolution that I'll never actually follow through on, to instead issue myself with twelve month long attainable goals. The idea was that each goal has to be--
A)Attainable in one month.
B)Attainable by me (i.e. get a novel published wouldn't be acceptable, as the publishing process is beyond my control, however, self-publish a novel would be)
C)I'd write up the journey month by month.

Now these things are more fun when shared with and occasionally dictated by others, so I sent a note around to my email group asking for suggestions. As I am, in principle, a lazy bastard, this twelve month process is going to run Feb 09-Jan 10. It's like a tax year. And who doesn't love paying taxes.

Here's the breakdown of My Attainable Goals
Feb--Learn Conversational Finnish
Mar--attend two (English) football games. Write about them--the game, the crowd, differences between American fans and English fans, etc.
April--Fix My Xbox. By myself.
May--Uncle Tim's Big Secret Month (Can't tell you till the end of the month...heh...heh...)
June--Build a screenplay treatment for Rain Dogs
July--Write a letter every day for a month
August--Get Phoebe's husband Dylan's name tatooed on my ass.
September--Give one anonymous beneficiary act a week.
October--Bring life into the world.
November--Read Ten Books in a month.
December--Visit Ginger Bartkoski and Tom Meagher in NYC. Bring presents.
January 10--Participate in five activities I've never done before (i.e. bungee jumping, judo, etc.)

Because the journey is often just as fun as the destination, except when it's not, I'm going to post an ongoing blog of my attempts to carry out these difficult but attainable goals. Pictures to be included when appropriate and not too graphic. To myself, I wish 'Good Luck'